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Complimentary Not Equality

Be patient with me. Everything I have written so far is leading up to what everyone wants to know about human relationships. Mother and son, mother and daughter, father and son, father and daughter all the way through all the … Continue reading

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Equality is a dangerous word. Everything and everybody is different from everything and everybody else. To stay in a state of open-mindedness is my basic premise. Every group has rules and regulations. The worst thing about them is the uniformity. … Continue reading

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Liberty, Fraternity and Equality

The Marseillaise was the bloodthirsty war-cry of the French Revolution: exactly the sort of thing that aroused the hatred of those who sang it. Such powerful feelings were easily heightened. The three words liberty, fraternity and equality constantly repeated and … Continue reading

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Snot Fair

Marx and Engels came up with some very good ideas which they hoped would completely change Russia for the better. But, however unsatisfactory might be the lives of most people, things cannot be changed overnight especially in such a vast … Continue reading

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