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The Path To The Future (NLP and Other Stuff!)

Whilst I owned the shop in Glasgow I went up once a month to check out how things were going. I borrowed money from my bank to buy a new flat there. The price was very reasonable. I only had … Continue reading

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Getting into Trouble

The flat I was living in belonged to the tenants of a housing association. Soon after I moved in there was much talk about handing over to the tenants so that they became the owners. This was very lucky for … Continue reading

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A Look into the Future

We are all driven by the genes we inherited from out ancestors. Most people were like my parents, especially at the times when they were living. They did very little with their lives. It was routine, routine, routine. I got … Continue reading

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Signs Of Change

Quentin had been working for and with me for several years and never once did we clash. I knew one day he would decide to leave when he was ready. When he told me he was going I was both … Continue reading

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Rosina Wachtmeister A Brilliant Discovery

When I got back from my holiday in Ireland I did exactly what the stranger had suggested to me. The flat was there as was predicted. It was part of a building society and the rent was reasonable. It was … Continue reading

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A New Friend

I had often seen John, who was the manager of Deighton Bell, the bookshop opposite mine, but I had never spoken to him except to say “Hello!”. One day when I was going up to Edinburgh for a book fair … Continue reading

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